Renewable hope, inc.

Renewable Hope, Inc. wants to serve Jesus by serving our brothers & sisters.  They choose to live lives with grace and freedom to share with others. Renewable Hope, Inc. is a small Christian organization with big goals and big hearts whose focus is not centered around a corporate bottom-line. Their focus is on Jesus and God’s command to love your neighbor. They are called to serve their neighbors, and they believe as Jesus showed us in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) that anyone in need is our neighbor.  Renewable Hope, Inc. serves by assisting others with the basic needs.  Both internationally & locally, Renewable Hope, Inc. works to provide safe water, renewable power, shelter, and food. All the while, they are showing the love of Jesus to each and every person and community they serve.

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more than conquerors

More Than Conquerors provides safe places to empower generations. They aim to connect individuals to God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, fight alongside warriors in the battles of their lives, and connect them to one another and to other relationships and resources in the community. 

 More Than Conquerors has a three-part vision for impacting our community -- Youth, Family, Young Adults. They continually provide opportunities for spiritual, familial, and community growth through actively reaching out to individuals and groups and connecting them to resources and each other. They strive to provide safe places where people are able to be honest and transparent without judgement, and they aim to meet individuals where they are in their lives and walk alongside of them in their faith. More Than Conquerors prays, guides, and answers God’s calling to assist their fellow warriors so that we may all be of one in the Kingdom of God.

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