With a powerful fruit forward body and exceptional acidity, the light-medium 18 Rabbit will quickly become any coffee-lover's go-to smooth cup with a sweet balance. Breathe deep the maple aroma, then enjoy the full notes of sweet chocolate and sugar cane. Cap it off with a lasting fruity finish. This very special Honduras bean is sure to surprise and delight!


Fun Facts

Region: Marcala, Honduras

All Female Co-op

Number of Farmers: 13

Altitude: 1400m ASL

Varietals: Red/Yellow Catuai

Processing: Natural

Ethical: Organic, Sustainable practices, Biodynamic Certification, 300% higher than Fair Trade wages


Farmer Bio:

Flhor Zelaya Ontreras is located in the Marcala, Honduras region near the pyramids of the Mayan King, 18 Rabbit (Uaxaclajuun Ub’aah K’awiil) where she manages an all-female cooperative and runs her farms biodynamically. She started her first farm when she was just five years old and was already focused on growing organically. Now, as an adult, Flhor is committed to changing the coffee culture in her area and total sustainability of the land. Her Biodynamic certification guarantees that the coffee not only has the absence of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, but that the planting of the coffee works with the ecosystem rather than disrupting it. She is in the process of submitting a grant to the Cafe Femenino Foundation, to begin an entrepreneur program for indigenous women in the nearby mountains. For her hard work, Flhor earns 300% higher wages than the Fair Trade minimum.

18 Rabbit

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