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This dark-medium roast is complex with a bold, in-your-face start, and ending with a sweeter, more mild finish and aftertaste. Chanchamayo Highland is the perfect fireside coffee. Revel in the rich, smoky, full flavor with notes of spicy tobacco, brown sugar, dark chocolate, honey, and whiskey.


Fun Facts:

Country/Region: Peru / Junin

Farm: Chanchamayo Highland Coffee

Processing: Natural

Intentionally Sourced: Direct Trade, Fair Trade, Organic, Environmentally-friendly and Ethical practices


*Every purchase of this product benefits our supported missions*

Chanchamayo Highland

PriceFrom $6.30
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$17.10every month until canceled
  • To maintain freshness for as long as possible, try to keep coffee out of direct light, in a comfortable temperature, and sealed. Grind it daily for the freshest cup, or grind enough for a week for a still fresh but quicker routine.

  • *Every purchase of this product benefits our supported missions*

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