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Promise Coffee Roasters Owner, Esta Henderson


Promise Coffee Roasters provides you with fresh-roasted, good-cause coffee. All of our green coffee beans are intentionally sourced looking for quality, ethical practices, and direct trade. Every batch is locally micro roasted, assuring that each batch is as fresh as can be. This fresh-roasted coffee is then delivered to your door, whether that be home or the workplace. With every purchase made, a ten percent donation [our tithe] is made to our locally-based sup​ported missions -- Renewable Hope, Inc. and More Than Conquerors.

the adventure

Hello! It's Esta Henderson [Owner and Roaster], and I founded Promise Coffee Roasters in October 2018. God gave me this dream, and He has faithfully been taking me on an incredible adventure through it all! I have learned and grown an immense amount since He first spoke to me about this in January 2018, and I am amazed at the beautiful business that He has helped me build. Promise Coffee Roasters was designed as a means to bring you fresh and delicious coffee while also assisting local mission organizations with their financial needs. It truly is a win-win! 

In October 2017, God told me that my time as a leader and director at More Than Conquerors was coming to an end. While I didn't understand this and it was difficult to grasp leaving an organization I had helped build and love dearly, I had to trust in my heart that He had a good plan. Now I had no idea what was next, so all I could do was expectantly wait. January rolled around bringing in a new, fresh year, and that is when the revelations started coming in. At the start of the year, God let me know that He wanted me to "push boundaries and pursue dreams." I was to do something with coffee as a business that would also help support local missions. And He wanted me to launch it that Fall. Quick turnaround! I racked my brain, and no matter how hard I tried to make it fit, a coffee shop just wasn't lining up. So again, I waited. I asked Him to align my desires with His plans and reveal to me what it is I am to do. All the while, my excitement kept growing as I anticipated a grand adventure in coffee!

Then it came! The pieces started to fall into place. God brought me my brother to teach me about home roasting his own coffee beans, and around the same time He brought me a fellow mission-worker to express his dream of being able to partner with Central and South American farmers to sell coffee to raise money for missions. Uh.. wow! I was floored. Neither of them had any idea what God had placed in my heart.. NO IDEA. But there it was, that oh-so-beautiful light bulb went off in my head, and I knew deep in my heart this was my adventure.

I continued to pray for guidance and grow in my knowledge, and I started to lay out plans and pursue the leads God brought me. I was overwhelmed. I was confused and kept getting down on myself for not getting more work done over the summer. On my one week off from More Than Conquerors, I decided I needed to get some serious work done for this new venture while on vacation, and my main focus: figure out a name for the business. I had numerous goals to accomplish that week, but a name was at the top of the list. Vacation came around, and I headed off to North Carolina to visit with my brother and my sis-in-law. No matter what, I could not pull things together or kick my brain in gear. Finally as I sat on the beach one morning, God spoke to my heart. He told me to relax, don't try to figure it all out. He told me to be at peace and enjoy this break. And He gave me a name. [I have tears as I write this because it was just that beautiful of a moment]. He planted on my heart PROMISE, and I drew it out in the sand. It was such a peaceful release knowing that no matter what, I can always rest on His Promises. His promise of provision, of grace, of guidance, of never forsaking, of victory.

His PROMISE always holds true.

♥Promise Coffee Roasters